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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Loop Experience trip differ from a charter?

On a charter you set the itinerary. On the Loop Experience the vessel is under a schedule for a delivery to an end destination and there is not much flexibility.

Can we alter a leg of the Loop Experience trip?

Yes, different ports or layover days can be changed, added or eliminated but the overall start and end dates must remain the same.

What do we do for meals?

The captain will provide breakfast daily. Lunches are made by guests while underway. Dinners can be ashore at a restaurant where available or guests may make full use of the galley or the ships BBQ grill to prepare dinners.

What is included?

Everything for the operation of the boat such as diesel fuel, marina fees etc.

Can I cancel?

Yes. Deposits are refundable until 30 days prior to the departure date. Full payment is required 30 days prior to departure.

What is required to reserve a Loop Experience leg?

Contact Leland Trawlers. A 10% deposit is required within 7 days of making the reservation.

How fast and far do we cruise each day?

We budget for about 75 miles each day which may be more or less based on marina availability, locks, bridges or other navigational factors. We generally operate at 9 knots or 10 statute MPH. We do not operate after dark.

How would we provision the boat for food and drink?

Guests may provide a requisition list 1 week prior to their boarding. Food and supplies will be provided and ready upon boarding at the guests’ expense, without mark-up.

Is alcohol supplied to guests?

No. However, guests may bring personal alcohol on board for the trip. All alcohol use is subject to an alcohol management plan administered by the captain.

How is laundry handled?

45 North is equipped with a washer/dryer.

Is internet available?

Yes. It is expected that internet is available at all times, with speeds capable of streaming video or transferring large files.

What happens if the weather turns bad?

The boat is quite comfortable in the rain, but excessive wind or waves may necessitate a delay in the schedule.

If we are delayed for an unforeseen reason, what will happen?

The captain will do what is possible to make up for the lost time, including canceling layover days, increasing speed or running longer days.

What happens if my flight into the origin point is delayed?

We will wait for your arrival as you will be the only party on board.

What is the minimum/maximum number of guests?

There is no minimum, we will gladly accommodate a single couple. We do not fill the 2nd cabin with someone you don’t know. The maximum is number of guests is 4 and may be increased by one after consulting with Leland Trawlers.

What happens if we are delayed and I miss my flight at the destination?

You will be responsible for making your flight changes. The captain will keep guests informed if delays occur.

Can I participate in the operation of the boat?

Yes. The captain will involve you to the extent that you desire. You will occupy the pilothouse or flybridge with the captain, who will gladly explain all aspects of a cruising yacht. If you desire to use your trip to document boating experience, then Leland Trawlers will glady provide you with a letter documenting your participation.

Must I participate in the operation of the boat?

No, you are free to sit and watch the scenery pass. From time to time guests may be asked to pass a line to a dock hand if they are physically able.

How is safety handled?

Upon boarding, all guests attend an extensive safety briefing, covering everything from life jacket locations to how to handle the ships radio in an emergency.

Can I sign up for multiple legs?

Yes, contact Leland Trawlers for ½ loop or full loop opportunities.

Is a Fleming 58 a good boat for this trip?

Fleming Yachts are some of the best built cruising yachts in the world. All Flemings are equipped with extensive back up systems while maintaining world class fit and finish within the interior. Flemings are known for being head turners.

How many heads (bathrooms) are on board?

45 North is equipped with 3 heads. The pilothouse has a day head and heads on the lower deck have shower stalls.

Where does the captain sleep?

The captain occupies the 2nd or 3rd stateroom.

Are we required to feed the captain?

No. He will do the best to make your journey pleasant while staying out of the way as much as possible.

Who is this experience best for?

Those who want to do a portion of Americas Great Loop, want to experience a Fleming Yacht, want to gain valuable boating experience, or want to understand and learn about the cruising lifestyle.

Who might this not be the best for?

Those used to an all-inclusive yachting experience as might be found on a Caribbean charter.