Leg 3 – Jersey City, NJ to Rochester, NY - Call for wait list

Leg 3 is one of the gems of Americas Great Loop. We start with 2 days heading up the Hudson River, with towering cliffs abounding on the west side. At Troy, 45 North enters the Erie Canal for the 6-7 day trip to Oswego, NY via Three Rivers point and the Oswego Canal. One day’s cruise down the US waters of Lake Ontario brings us to the Port of Rochester, NY. On Leg 3 guests and the captain will pick a spot for a lay-over or guests may choose to forgo the lay day and enjoy shorter days with stops at more of the small New York towns.

June 16 – Jersey City, NJ – Board PM
June 17 – Poughkeepsie, NY
June 18 – Albany, NY
June 19 – Schenectady
June 20 – Fultonville
June 21 – St Johnsonville
June 22 – Rome
June 23 – Brewerton
June 24 – Oswego
June 25 – Port of Rochester, NY
June 26 – Port of Rochester, NY - Disembark

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